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Cut Health Care Costs for Patients Like Me

As a health care consumer and concerned citizen, I am writing today to request that you please support meaningful changes to our health care system that will improve care for me and my family and others like us throughout the United States.

I am deeply frustrated with hospital fees and unexpected bills, insurance costs like premiums, copays and deductibles, and escalating out-of-pocket costs and support:

  • Making health care more accessible, higher quality and less costly;
  • Making health care policies, procedures and processes clearer for me and my family; and
  • Not increasing my out-of-pocket costs.

With Americans like me uncertain at every step of the health care process and unable to predict how much we are going to have to pay, the time is now to make improvements to ensure we are not paying more than we need to be and that the lack of clarity in the system doesn’t stand in the way of our health.

I urge policymakers and the health care industry to address policies and practices that put an undue financial burden on patients like me. Thank you for your attention to this important matter for me and my family.